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Washable silk satin pants

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<beautiful charm> stylish silk satin pants

◆ Design A silhouette that makes your legs look longer while maintaining a relaxed feel. The delicate gold piping on the hem is inspired by the traditional Japanese technique of Kintsugi.

◆Material Uses 17 momme silk that can be worn seasonally. In the summer, it absorbs sweat and releases moisture to keep you cool, and in the winter, the fine air layers inside the fibers keep you warm. In addition, it is made of protein that is close to the skin, so it is hypoallergenic and gentle, and has a smooth texture that you will want to wear all the time.

◆Characteristics: Many silk materials are difficult to handle because they cannot be washed and can be hand-washed. Silk pajamas that can be worn daily for a long time.

[Country of origin] Made in Japan [Composition] 100% silk
[Color] Moon white (white), deep indigo (navy), golden (gold)

waist hip inseam Crossing width
medium size 70 105 65.5 32
L size 73 109 67.5 33
(in cm notation)
サイズ / cm M L
ウエスト 70 73
ヒップ 105 109
股下 65.5 67.5
わたり幅 32 33
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Washable silk satin pants Sale price¥23,100 Regular price¥33,000