Draw beautifully

Aesthetics of margins “BI”
The Beauty of Yō
Beauty between "MA"

BIYOMA defines the time to be freed from the hustle and bustle of daily life and face oneself as "blank space".
We propose a lifestyle that is conscious of the way “margin” should be.
I believe that it is important to spend "margin time" carefully, and there are various possibilities there, which will lead to new encounters with yourself.
We will continue to develop products that allow you to enjoy such time and spend time beautifully even in your own home.

Tsukamoto Corporation Co., Ltd.
Starting with the kimono business,
While based on Japanese culture,
We have shipped various products all over the world.
Continued from the times of Omi merchants
With a long history of over 200 years,
The concept of "Wa" that has been important in that,
Craftsmanship and space creation that values ​​the aesthetic sense of blank space
We will also reflect this in BIYOMA.