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BIYŌMA Hand Cream Tsukishiro

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The fragrance of elegant floral notes of blooming flowers
99% naturally derived, with essential oils. A blend of jasmine, which is said to bloom in the evening and gives off a rich scent at night, and ylang-ylang, which has a sweet and feminine scent, and rare domestic getto. The original scent of “BIY Ō MA” that expresses a sophisticated world view was born.
A hand cream with a gentle and elegant scent that brings calmness to the mind.

Moisturizes with natural ingredients derived from rice grown in Iwate Prefecture
Organic brown rice from Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture is fermented with rice malt and yeast. Contains ceramides and amino acids to moisturize your skin while preventing dryness and rough hands.
It also contains moisturizing ingredients such as olive oil, jojoba seed oil, and shea butter, giving it a melt-in-your-mouth smooth feel.

No additives: Mineral oil, petroleum-based surfactants, silicon, parabens, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic fragrances, coloring agents

BIYŌMA Hand Cream Tsukishiro Sale price¥2,860